Why Adserveo?

We believe that there is a paradigm shift in the world of advertising.  That the successful business will do more than just sell widgets.  That companies need to take an active roll in their local communities.  It’s about truly caring about Spokane. Take care of your employees, your customers, and your city, and we believe you will be in business for a very long time.

While Adserveo doesn’t endorse the products and services provided by our members, what we can promise is that by being in our guide they do care about Spokane.

As you’ll see, we are limiting both the numbers of categories in our guide, and the number of members in each of those categories.  There will be 3 Spokane area members per category. This will cut through the clutter and help the conumers find the community involved businesses in the Spokane area.

Our community guide is a place where non-profits and community organizations can tell you what they are about, and how you can get involved.  A wiseman once said, that “people can offer work, wealth, or wisdom to community organizations and non-profits”. Get involved!  It will make a difference you can see, and will make you feel good too!

If you’re a community involved business or local non-profit and want to learn more, click here.

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2 days ago

Adserveo Spokane

The date was August 8, 1982. The Red Sox were playing an afternoon game at Boston's Fenway Park. Suddenly a screaming foul ball whizzed past the first base dugout and Red Sox left fielder Jim Rice heard the unmistakable sound of the ball striking flesh. Looking around the corner of the dugout into the stands Rice saw 4-year-old Jonathan Keane bleeding profusely from his head. Realizing in a split second that it would take several minutes for park EMT's to get to the scene, the future Hall of Famer sprang into action. Rice leaped over the railing into the stands, cradled the young fan into his arms and carried the boy into the dugout where he received immediate attention from the team's medical staff. Within just a few minutes Jonathan was rushed to the hospital where doctors credited Rice with saving the boys life. Jim Rice played the rest of the game in a blood-stained uniform, a true badge of courage.

(Written by D.J. McCoy)

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